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Teacher, healer & channel.

Sally has developed more than 20 original workshops and teaches many of them herself currently. These teachings are the manifestations of the wisdom and consciousness she accesses through her extraordinary relationship with the spiritual dimensions. Sally also has licensed teachers who bring these workshops to other parts of the world.

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Sally's latest book, The Evolving You explains the horizontal and vertical evolution, steps we undertake - intentionally or unintentionally - as we undertake our spiritual path and evolution. These steps are the same for all of us and are fulfilled as we grow. It discusses each step, and the subsequent changes in us as we evolve. It is like a handbook for anyone wishing to engage the spiritual path, or already walking it.

Sally's first book, The Path To Cosmic Consciousness, is also available in digital form. It documents 15 years of initiation and training with Shaman form the Andes in Peru. Follow the extraordinary journey from cautious student to humble master in the world of ceremony, energy and nature.

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