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The Evolving You is a book all spiritual seekers, conscious people, and those now awakening, should read. It documents the journey of both the horizontal and vertical evolutions, and all the steps contained within these two paths. These paths are the maps undertaken by us on our path of evolution.


The horizontal evolution deals with the linear time reality, manifesting as the past, present, and future. It involves the healing of all patterning and wounding created and carried in this reality. This wounding is created as we experience what we are not in this reality. This is a necessary part of the duality of our human experience, and needs to be undertaken, before we can fully understand and own who we are.


The vertical evolution is the mapping which follows the horizontal stage and engages the interdimensional awakening of us as individuals. This path operates in the stream of consciousness known as the eternal now, which is projected by the soul, inter-dimensionally, as it experiences itself.

Cost is ZAR250, available digitally (internationally) and in hard copy (SA & Europe).

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